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Another based on the roleplays by :iconboogeyboy1:, :iconmighty355: and :iconsupersmashcynderlum:.

Chiyo-Chan, Osaka, Tomo, Yomi, Kagura, Sakaki and Kaorin. (Azumanga Daioh)
Krader, Seismo, Shuff, Teslo, Zaptor, Volectro, Jawg, Gobba, Chomly, Kraw, Tentro, Balk, Scorpi, Footi, Hoogi, Magnifo, Mesmo, Wizwuz, Niksput, Nurp-Naut, Rokit, Globert, Boogly, Vampos, Gox, Jinky, Kamzo, Tungster, Spugg, Turg, Kramm, Forx, Wuzzo, Vaka-Waka, Snax and Berp (Mixels).
Sector V and Count Spankulot (Codename Kids Next Door) (Mentioned)
Crystal :iconsupersmashcynderlum: (Mentioned)
Spyro (Spyro) (Mentioned)
(Note: I am portraying Tungster as the leader of the Lixers because of the stop-motion Lego short involving the Lixers baking a cake with Tungster needing assistance from Spugg and Turg. They will make the same animal noises in Quest for Mixamagig, but I will put their translations in brackets and the Mixels understand their language according to one of my headcanons.)
(Note: Jawg speaks in this episode according to one of my headcanons.)

Synopsis: Chiyo-Chan, Osaka, Tomo, Yomi, Kagura, Sakaki, Kaorin, Krader, Seismo, Shuff, Teslo, Zaptor, Volectro, Jawg, Gobba, Chomly, Kraw, Tentro, Balk, Scorpi, Footi, Hoogi, Magnifo, Mesmo, Wizwuz, Niksput, Nurp-Naut, Rokit, Globert, Boogly, Vampos, Gox, Jinky, Kamzo, Tungster, Spugg, Turg, Kramm, Forx, Wuzzo, Vaka-Waka, Snax and Berp are camping near a summer home built by the Fang Gang, Klinkers and Weldoes not too long ago. The sun is about to set. The girls and the Mixels are sitting on carved logs around a campfire.

Niksput: Those are pretty scary stories girls, but wait till you hear mine.
Kagura: Sure. Shoot.
Niksput: Right. There's once this creep who went by the name of Count Spankulot. He's basically a gloved man in a vampire costume who goes around at night spanking children who "violate the rules".
Waka: Oh my.
Niksput: But that's not all. If he spanks someone, and he removes the glove of his spanking hand, the spankee becomes a Spank-Happy Vampire who only obeys his orders and his orders alone and a way to turn the spankee back to normal is to spank the Count. He once did this to the whole of Sector V as well as two dragons named Crystal and Spyro. Luckily, they were returned to normal. Then Spyro and Crystal chased him off. Eventually, one of Spyro's embers landed on his cape and incinerated it when he was middle of falling off a cliff. The rough landing didn't kill him, but the rockfall did. Rumours have it that his soul was once resurrected as a crystal, that if it were to be touched by any body part, it will create a radius a few centimetres bigger than the Mixel Moon for a few seconds and whoever gets caught in that radius becomes a Spank Happy Vampire themselves. Now that he is in crystal form, a way to turn someone who was turned into a Spank-Happy Vampire back to normal is to break the crystal. Rumours also have it that the crystal is located in the centre of the Mixel Moon.

The others gasped in surprise.

Chiyo-Chan and Scorpi: *hugging each other shaking in fear*
Nurp: Eek! Scary Story! *switches to Naut*
Naut: I just made a meteor in my spacesuit!
Boogly: Boogly terrified.
Vampos: Now THAT was just plain scary.
Globert: I thought it was FABULOUS!!!

The others stared at Globert with stern looks on their faces while a cricket chirps in the background.

Teslo: Really Globert?
Globert: I mean, that's terrifying. What if the rumours were true?
Tomo: Aww, relax Globert! It's all just a bunch of silly rumours!
Sakaki: I don't know. What if we speak too soon?

The sun now fully sets, allowing the Mixel Moon to take its place and emit a blue glow.

Osaka: Now that's a pretty moon.
Gobba: It sure is.
Snax: And look!
Kamzo: It's glowing!
Yomi: But why?
Mesmo: Weird. I'm not sure if the Mixel Moon is supposed to glow like that.
Balk: Ya think?

The moon then stopped glowing.

Seismo: Huh. Moon stop glowing.
Berp: Well that was quick.
Volectro: Wait, what's that coming from the moon?

From one of the Mixel Moon's craters, a flock of bat appeared, but these bats have medallions with the letter "G", capes and gloves on their wings.

Tentro: It's the bats from the Mixel Moon!
Jinky: Yeah, but they look different somehow!
Zaptor: They're looking at us!
Chomly: And they don't look too happy!
Wuzzo: And they're coming towards us!
Kaorin: Yikes! *hugs Sakaki*
Wizwuz: *Screams in fright*
Turg: (This is not good!)
Rokit: Chiyo! Tribal Leaders! Head into the cabin! Lock the windows and doors! We'll fend them off!
Chiyo: Right!

Chiyo-Chan, Krader, Teslo, Jawg, Kraw, Skorpi, Magnifo, Niksput, Globert, Gox, Tungster, Kramm and Vaka-Waka did just that and locked up the door and windows. They looked out the windows as the other girls and the other Mixels try to fight the bats off. Only for the bats to slap their backsides without them noticing it, then returning to Mixel Moon leaving their victims rubbing their sore backsides. Chiyo and the Leaders unlocked the door and went outside to see their friends in pain.

Gox: Are you all right you lot?
Tomo: Ooowww! My butt! It hurts!
Footi: Oof. Well at least the bats are gone.
Spugg: *whimpering in pain*
Kagura: Gah! Never sitting down again. That's for sure.
Forx: Ow! And I thought carrying heavy objects was more painful. Might as well take that back!
Teslo: We need to go into the medical room to check on your condition. Follow me.

The Girls and the other Mixels follow Teslo. Then they enter some sort of medical room in the cabin to examine them. Teslo examined the victim's backsides by using a microscope to find some small worm-like creatures with gloves for heads and insect faces.

Kraw: Well Teslo? Found something?
Teslo: Spankasites.
Magnifo: Spankasites? What are they?
Teslo: Spankasites are parasites which are usually found under a Spank-Happy Vampire's gloves. If the vampire spanks the victim without the glove on, the Spankasites will land on the victims backside. It will take a few minutes for the Spankasites to fully infect the victim turning him/her into a Spank-Happy Vampires and be part of the Spankulot clan for who knows how long. That could be evidence that the bats took their gloves off when they were spanking their victims.
Kramm: Is there anything else that can be done?
Teslo: According to this medical book, another way to turn a victim back to normal is to use a mixture of Glorp Corp slime and garlic.
Vaka: I have some Glorp Corp slime. *shows them Glorp Corp slime in transparent plastic packets*
Teslo: Perfect! Now we need some garlic.
Gox: It's a good thing we built our in a field near a supermarket when we were transported their by some sort of portal.
Teslo: Perfect! To the supermarket!
Krader: But who pay?
Chiyo-Chan: I will.

Chiyo-Chan and the Leaders went to the supermarket to get some garlic (She paid). Then, they went back to the cabin to see Rokit and the others looking well.

Rokit: Greetings sir!
Niksput: Rokit! What a surprise! How's your south?
Rokit: It's all fine, Sir! Managed to shrug the pain off. The others did so as well!
Niksput: Good to hear!
Tungster: (Hm?)
Globert: What is it Tungster?
Tungster: (I think he might be a threat!)
Globert: A threat?
Rokit: A threat? Me? *laughs* I'm never a threat to you troops! Unless I happen to be...

Rokit then leaps into the air and shrouds himself in a mist of darkness, then the dark mist disappears revealing Rokit wearing a cape, a medallion with a letter "R" on it, gloves on each hand and vampire fangs.

Spank-Happy Vampire!Rokit: A Spank-Happy Vampire!

Chiyo-Chan and the Tribal Leaders gasp in shock.

Niksput: What happened to you dude?
Spank-Happy Vampire!Rokit: I have come in zhe night to spank naughty children and Mixels who violate zhe rules! And you have been naughty, Chiyo and zhe Leaders!
The Girls and Mixels except Chiyo, the Tribal Leaders and Spank-Happy Vampire!Rokit: Chiyo and the Leaders have been naughty?
Globert: No! No! You've got it all wrong!
Spank-Happy Vampire!Rokit: Ve know zhat whoever were to create zhe antidote using zhe garlic and Glorp-Corp slime or plans to go to zhe Mixel Moon to destroy the crystal must be punished!
Chiyo-Chan and the Leaders: Huh?

They watch in shock as they see their friends become Spank Happy Vampires with capes, gloves, vampire fangs and medallions with the letters their names begin with on them and, for the girls, elf-like ears and a darker shade of clothing.

Spank-Happy Vampire!Kamzo: You have been bad!
Spank-Happy Vampire!Hoogi: And must be punished!
Spank-Happy Vampire!Shuff: Isn't zhat right my Spank-Happy Vampire Teddy Butterfly? *The Spank-Happy Vampire Teddy Butterfly turns its head with an evil look on its face*
Spank-Happy Vampire!Osaka: Are you thinking vhat I'm thinking, Tomo?
Spank-Happy Vampire!Tomo: Excacly vhat I vas thinking Osaka.
Spank-Happy Vampire!Yomi: Looks like some naughty children...
Spank-Happy Vampire!Kagura: ...and some naughty Mixels...
Spank-Happy Vampire!Sakaki: ...really need...
Spank-Happy Vampire!Kaorin: ...a good spanking right now!
Kramm: So uh... Backup plan?
Magnifo: I've got one. RUN!!!

Chiyo-Chan and the Leaders ran out of the cabin in fear as the vampires chased them. No matter where they turn, a path will be blocked by their Spank-Happy Vampire friends, laughing wickedly in Romanian accents. Even then, the vampires still keep on chasing them until they spotted a shelter near the cabin.

Gox: Quick! Let's go into this shelter! Before those vampires get us! Last one un-spanked, lock the door!

Chiyo-Chan and the Leaders managed to make it into the shelter all safe, sound and un-spanked. Gox then locked the door as he is the last one.

Gox: *Wipes sweat off forehead* Phew! We made it!
Magnifo: This is impossible. Our friends were never Spank-Happy threats to begin with.
Kraw: Could this mean that Niksput's story is accurate?
Teslo: We've yet to know. We need to create the antidote, then focus on getting to the Mixel Moon so we can destroy the crystal to break the curse. No distracions!

A phone starts ringing.

Kramm: I'll get it. *goes to the phone and answers it* Hello?
Spank-Happy Vampire!Rokit (on phone): By zhe name of Rokit Spankulot, I command you to open zhat door at once!
Kramm: I'm sorry. I'm not in right now. Please leave a message after the beep. BEEP! *hangs up the phone*
Spank-Happy Vampire!Rokit: Don't lie to me! *after phone hung up* Oh, so ZHAT'S how you wanna play it, eh?

Teslo: Who was that?
Kramm: Eh. Just some annoying salesman. Nothing special
Chiyo-Chan: Err, Teslo? Mind if I go to the bathroom? I'm really bursting.
Teslo: But if you go outside, then-
Gox: Actually, I built a bathroom in this shelter. Don't want people bursting while under attack now don't we?
Teslo: *sighs* Fine Chiyo. Just be quick.
Chiyo-Chan: Don't worry. I'll be back in a jiffy.

Chiyo-Chan then heads to the bathroom, locks the door first, then she empties her bladder in the toilet. Chiyo-Chan sighed in relief. After this was done. She pulled her panties and skirt up, flushed the toilet and closed the seat. Chiyo-Chan washed her hands and was about to leave, until she heard a sound coming from the toilet. She turned around to see the toilet seat rumble.

Chiyo-Chan: That's weird. Are toilet seats supposed to shake like that?

The lid then rumbled some more. Chiyo-Chan walked towards it in confusion. She tried to touch it, until Spank-Happy Vampire!Hoogi bursted out of the toilet, forcing the lid open and splashing toilet water around. He laughed wickedly in his Romanian accent. Outside the bathroom, Chiyo-Chan's scream was heard and so were spanking sounds.

Vaka: Vhat vas zhat?
Krader: We gotta find out!

The Leaders dashed to the bathroom and opened the door only to find Spank-Happy Vampire!Hoogi spanking Chiyo-Chan without his glove on his spanking hand.

Waka: By Jove!

Krader threw a rock at him, knocking him out cold and letting go of Chiyo-Chan. Then Kraw press the lever to flush Spank-Happy Vampire!Hoogi down the toilet. Kramm then drilled screws on the toilet seat so that no Spank-Happy Vampires can enter through it, then placed a sign that said. "Sorry. Out of Order."

Kramm: That outta do it.

Chiyo-Chan and the Mixels then left the bathroom with her backside glowing a cherry red.

Teslo: Chiyo! Are you all right?
Chiyo-Chan: Yeah. I'm fine. A bit sore, but I'm-

Then, thoughts entered Chiyo-Chan's head causing her to clutch her hands in it. The Mixels are watching in shock. Whilst this is happening, Gox got out a clipboard, paper and pen.

Gox: Clutching one's hands into one's head. That's a symptom.

Gloves formed on Chiyo's hands.

Gox: Gloves. Another symptom.

A cape and medalion with a "C" formed around her neck.

Gox: Cape and medallion. Another symptom.

Her upper canines grew sharper and a bit longer.

Gox: Vampire fangs. Another symptom.

Her ears grew elf-like.

Gox: Elf-like ears. Another symptom.

Her clothing turned a darker shade.

Gox: Clothing turning a darker shade. Another symptom.

The transformation is complete. Chiyo-Chan has now become a Spank-Happy Vampire!

Spank-Happy Vampire!Chiyo-Chan: *laughs wickedly* I, Chiyo-Chan Spankulot, have come in zhe night to spank naughty children and Mixels who violate zhe rules! *points at the tribal leaders* And you lot have been very naughty!
Globert: What?
Gox: Romanian accent. Another symptom.
Spank-Happy Vampire!Chiyo-Chan: Ve know zhat whoever were to create the antidote using the garlic and Glorp-Corp slime or plans to go to the Mixel Moon to destroy the crystal must be punished!
Jawg: Chiyo!
Magnifo: Jawg?
Jawg: I got this! Chiyo! You've got to fight it! That crystal is controlling you! You have never spanked anyone before!
Spank-Happy Vampire!Chiyo-Chan: But, I must... I have to... NEVER! I vill not be controlled by you naughty Mixels!
Jawg: Uh-Oh.
Spank-Happy Vampire!Chiyo-Chan: You foolish Mixels shall feel zhe stingy wrath of CHIYO-CHAN SPANKULOT!
Gox: Urge to spank. Another symptom.
Kramm: NOW what are we gonna do?
Magnifo: SPLIT!

The Tribal Leaders managed to split into pairs to stay away from Spank-Happy Vampire!Chiyo-Chan. Then, each pair mixed using cubits. Krader mixed with Niksput, Teslo mixed with Globert, Jawg mixed with Gox, Kraw mixed with Tungster, Scorpi mixed with Kramm and Magnifo mixed with Vaka-Waka.

Krader/Niksput Mix (In Niksput's voice): Right. Ready to go?
Other Mixes: Right!

The Mixes attempted to distract Spank-Happy Vampire!Chiyo-Chan, only for her to chase them, causing the mixes to go into hiding.

Scorpi/Kramm Mix (In Kramm's voice): Any other ideas?
Teslo/Globert Mix (In Globert's voice): I got one!
Jawg/Gox Mix (In Gox's voice): Well it better be good.

Spank-Happy Vampire!Chiyo-Chan was trying to find the mixes until she heard something.

Teslo/Globert Mix (In Globert's voice)(Offscreen): Yoo-hoo! Vampire!

Spank-Happy Vampire!Chiyo-Chan turned around to see the Teslo/Globert mix swaying its backside slowly while waving its tail upright.

Teslo/Globert Mix (In Globert's voice): Oh, spank me! I've been very naughty! I violated some rules! I deserve my punishment!

Spank-Happy Vampire!Chiyo-Chan, angry, hissed, raised her hand, and honed in on the Teslo/Globert Mix in an attempt to spank it.

Teslo/Globert Mix (In Globert's voice) (To the Jawg/Gox mix): Now!

The Jawg/Gox Mix cut the rope in its fangs allowing Spank-Happy Vampire!Chiyo-Chan to be trapped in a metal cage.

Scorpi/Kramm Mix (In Kramm's voice): Got her!

The Mixes then de-mixed.

Teslo: Right. We need to create the antidote before she breaks free.

The Mixels then work on the antidote using the garlic and Glorp Corp slime. Then they installed it into a special gun-like weapon that turns liquids into gases. After this was done, Spank-Happy Vampire!Chiyo-Chan managed to break free from her cage and saw the Mixels working on the antidote. She flew towards them. Only for the Mixels to notice.

Gox: You want to play rough? Ok. *Shows Spank-Happy Vampire!Chiyo-Chan the gun and points it at her.* Say hello to my little friend!
Spank-Happy Vampire!Chiyo-Chan: Huh?
Gox: In times like this, you've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel Lucky?" Well do you fiend?

Spank-Happy Vampire!Chiyo-Chan hissed and was about to attack Gox until he used his gun to spray her with the garlic and Glorp Corp slime substance which was turned into a gas. Within seconds, Chiyo-Chan returned to normal and landed on the ground.

Chiyo-Chan: Uhh... What happened?
Teslo: You were turned into a Spank Happy Vampire and was about to punish us.
Chiyo-Chan: Punish you? For what?
Kramm: Mainly for making the antidote and planning to go to the Mixel Moon to destroy the crystal.
Kraw: Speanking of which, how are we supposed to get there?
Gox: Simple.

Gox pressed a button, opening a hatch revealing a huge space rocket that can seat 43 people.

Niksput: Now THAT'S a big rocket.
Gox: All right everyone! All aboard! *plays his whistle*
Niksput: I call dibs on one of the window seats!

Chiyo-Chan and the Leaders got on the rocket.

Gox: All right everyone! Fasten your seatbelts! 3! 2! 1! Blast Off!

The rocket blasted off and reached the Mixel Moon where the crystal is rumoured to appear. Chiyo and the Leaders got off the rocket and onto the moon. (Yes, they can survive the vacuum of space just like the Infernites in Mixel Moon Madness).

Niksput: Ahh. It feels so good to be back!
Magnifo: *looks down a crater* Uhh guys?
Vaka: Vhat is it Magnifo?
Magnifo: You might want to have a look at this.

Chiyo-Chan and the Leaders look down the crater to see their Spank-Happy Vampire friends sleeping upside-down like ordinary bats.

Teslo: They must have been resting there while we were attacked by Chiyo in the shelter. Right people where going in that crater to look for that crystal. However, *suddenly whispering* we need to be quiet. We don't want to wake the vampires up. Ok?
Gox: *Gives Chiyo-Chan a hammer* Use this hammer, Chiyo to break the crystal if we find it.

Chiyo-Chan and the Leaders went inside one of the craters to find the crystal but they need to be as quiet as they can. Eventually, they found the crystal at the core of the Mixel Moon.

Chiyo-Chan: *quietly* There it is.
Kraw: *quietly* So the rumours were true.
Niksput: Told ya.

Chiyo-Chan and the Leaders get closer to the Crystal until a loud squelching sound was heard.

Magnifo: Eew! I stepped on a Hamlogna Sandwich!

Meanwhile, Spank-Happy Vampire!Zaptor along with the other Spank-Happy Vampires woke up once he heard the squelching sound and the words "Hamlogna" and "Sandwich".

Spank-Happy Vampire!Zaptor: Hamlogna?

Meanwhile, at the core...

Teslo: Magnifo! What have you done?
Magnifo: I stepped on a Hamlogna Sandwich!
Gox: That could waken up those vampires!
Spank-Happy Vampire!Zaptor (Offscreen): Intruderzzz!

Chiyo-Chan and the Mixels then turn around and find out that they are surrounded by their Spank-Happy Vampire friends.

Gox: See?

The more Chiyo-Chan and the leaders moved close to the crystal, the more their friends honed in.

Teslo: Quick, Chiyo! Break the crystal! We don't have much time!

Chiyo-Chan then got the hammer out and swung it as hard as she can. She eventually succeeded, breaking the crystal, turning it into dust. Because the crystal is broken, their friends returned to normal. Each of them rubbed their heads.

Yomi: Ugh. What happened?
Teslo: You guys were turned into Spank-Happy Vampires and wanted to punish us for planning on destroying the crystal.
Gobba: It's great to return to normal, but how do we get back to the cabin?
Gox: I've got a rocket outside that can seat 43!
Niksput: I call dibs on one of the window seats by the way.

The girls and the other Mixels looked at the Niksput with stern looks on their faces.

Niksput: Really Niksput?

Eventually, they made it back to Earth. Then, inside the cabin the girls and the Mixels congratulated Chiyo-Chan and the Leaders for returning them back to normal.

Rokit: Three cheers for Chiyo and the Leaders! Hip-Hip...
Everyone in the cabin except Chiyo-Chan and the Leaders: Horray!
Rokit: Hip-Hip...
Everyone in the cabin except Chiyo-Chan and the Leaders: Horray!
Rokit: Hip-Hip...
Everyone in the cabin except Chiyo-Chan and the Leaders: HORRAY!

After the celebration, they rested in the cabin to see what the next day lies ahead of them. Hopefully not more Spank-Happy Shenanigans after last time.

The End.



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