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Spriting is what I do. Sometimes.

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I decided to make this based on the roleplays done by :iconsupersmashcynderlum:, :iconmighty355: and :iconboogeyboy1:.
Though this time, I decided to do new characters who are:-

Leo (Yu-Gi-Oh!5Ds)
Luna (Yu-Gi-Oh!5Ds)
Flain (Mixels)
Vulk (Mixels)
Zorch (Mixels)
Flurr (Mixels)
Slumbo (Mixels)
Lunk (Mixels)
Glomp (Mixels)
Glurt (Mixels)
Torts (Mixels)
Burnard (Mixels)
Meltus (Mixels)
Flamzer (Mixels)
Chilbo (Mixels)
Krog (Mixels)
Snoof (Mixels)
Dribbal (Mixels)
Gurggle (Mixels)
Slusho (Mixels)

The Doom Raiders (The Gulper, Chompy Mage, Chef Pepper Jack, Dreamcatcher, Dr. Krankcase, Wolfgang, Luminous, Nightshade, and the Golden Queen (Skylanders Trap Team))
Mesmerelda (Skylanders Swap Force (As a bonus Doom Raider))
Boogey Boy (:iconboogeyboy1:)
Boogeybots (Plasmawing, Constrigrip and Macetail)

Leo, Luna, Burnard, Meltus, Flamzer, Chilbo, Krog, Snoof, Dribbal, Gurggle and Slusho are out camping at a field. All was quiet until Krog's stomach is heard rumbling.

Krog: Boy, am I hungry! Haven't ate ANYTHING since we left for camp!
Flamzer: Well, since SOME mix-monkey forgot the camping food, Burnard. *Glares at Burnard. Burnard lets out a nervous chuckle.* Say, Leo, would you mind getting us some nice ripe Coconapples for us?
Leo: Uhh, sure.

Leo sets off to find some ripe Coconapples under Flamzer's request, then he spots a Coconapple tree with 11 ripe Coconapples. He managed to get 10 of them so far. He climbed on the tree to get the last Coconapple, but all of a sudden, he was grabbed by a pair of mechanical talons.

Leo: Hey! Let me go!

The robotic creature under the possession of the talons flew to what looks like a black dome. The dome opened it's hatch and the robotic creature flew in while Leo is still in its grip.

The Robotic Creature: Master Boogey Boy. I found a new subject for you.
Leo: Boogey Boy? Who's he?

A silhouette of a teensie appeared before them.

Boogey Boy: That would be me.
Leo: You're Boogey Boy?
Boogey Boy: Precisely. Now my beloved Plasmawing, drop him.

The Plasmawing drops Leo safely to the ground.

Leo: Why did you bring me here?
Boogey Boy: Simple. I need a new subject for my latest experiment.
Leo: What do you mean by "latest experiment"?
Boogey Boy: Let me show you, but first, *whistles*

A robot with giant hands appears behind Leo and grabs him in his grip making sure he's unable to escape. Boogey Boy and the robot (with Leo in his grip) walk into a dark room. Boogey Boy turns on the light of the dark room and it revealed a giant ray gun.

Leo: What's that?
Boogey Boy: Glad you asked. That is my SpankHappyVampireinator 4000 Limited Edition. Built by Dr. Krankcase.
Dr. Krankcase (whispering to Wolfgang): You think he's talking about me?
Wolfgang (whispering to Dr. Krankcase): Well YOU'RE the one who built the ray gun. So yeah.
Boogey Boy: Considering that one of the few ways to turn someone into a Spank-Happy Vampire is by spanking the victim if the person who became a Spank-Happy Vampire isn't wearing any gloves and if the victim's backside is bare. So we decided to turn our victims into Spank-Happy Vampires by a less painful way. Now, my Constrigrip.
Constrigrip: Yes, Master Boogey Boy.

The Constrigrip places Leo on a chair in front of the Ray Gun and ties him up.

Leo: Let me go, you freakshow!
Boogey Boy: Don't be shy, young one. After all, you have the best seat in the house.

Boogey Boy activates his ray gun. The ray gun charges and creates a bolt towards Leo as he braces himself, then, he becomes engulfed in the blast. The Doom Raiders (including Luminous, Nightshade and Mesmerelda) watched in eager. Afterwards, Boogey Boy looked at the result. And was satisfied.

Boogey Boy: Perfect.

Meanwhile, back at camp, Luna is concerned by Leo's disappearance.

Luna: What's happened to Leo? I'm sure he got the coconapples by now.
Meltus: Don't worry Luna. I'm sure he'll return.
Krog: Hopefully with our Coconapples!
Slusho: I wonder why he disappeared.
Gurggle: He could be working for the Dark Signers!
Chilbo: Or worse, he could be eaten by monstrous beasts!
Burnard: Or even worse, he could have stopped to smell at the roses!

The others glared at Burnard, while a cricket was chirping in the background.

Burnard: What? People can get distracted by flowers.
Leo (Offscreen): Hey!

Luna and the Mixels then looked at Leo alive and well.

Luna and the Mixels: Leo!
Snoof: You're Ok!
Krog: But, what about the Coconapples?
Leo: Yeah. About that. I got attacked by some wild animal before I got any, so I had to run away from it. Sorry.
Flamzer: Oh. That's fine.
Leo: So, since I'm here, I thought I should have a bit of fun.
Dribbal: Hmm. Define what you mean by "fun".
Leo: *chuckles* Very well.

Leo jumped into the air and span around, and once he stopped, his appearance changed which left Luna and the Mixels shocked.

Luna: *Gasps in shock.* Leo! What happened to you!?
Spank-Happy Vampire!Leo: *Laughs wickedly* For I am Leo Spankulot! Ready to punish some naughty Mixels and my twin sister for staying up so late!
Flamzer: We were camping!
Spank-Happy Vampire!Leo: It doesn't matter! You still will get punished!
Dribbal: It appears he has turned into a Spank-Happy Vampire.
Snoof: What are they?
Dribbal: Spank-Happy Vampires are basically vampires, but instead of sucking the victim's blood, they spank the victim in the backside. And if the Spank-Happy Vampire took off the glove of his spanking hand and if the victim's backside is not covered, the victim will become a Spank-Happy Vampire as well!
Slusho: It doesn't matter, cause he's on his own!
Spank-Happy Vampire!Leo: Who said I came on my own? *snaps his fingers*

And from behind him, three mechs came. The first was a wyvern shaped one with wings of plasma, the same one that captured Leo before his change. The second was a bipedal dragon shaped one with big hands, the same one that had Leo in his grip. The third was a quadrupedal dragon shaped one with a spiky ball on its long tail.

Dribbal: It looks like he summoned BoogeyBots. Dragon-Like robots who serve Boogey Boy. The ones he summoned are the Constrigrip, the Macetail and the Plasmawing. We HAVE to fight back. Ready lads?

Burnard raised an Infernite/Frosticon cubit, Chilbo raised a Frosticon/Glorp Corp Cubit and Dribbal raised a Glorp Corp/Infernite cubit.

Burnard, Flamzer, Krog, Chilbo, Dribbal and Gurggle: MIX!

Burnard mixed with Krog, Chilbo mixed with Gurggle and Dribbal mixed with Flamzer ready to battle the BoogeyBots.

Dribbal/Flamzer Mix (In Dribbal's voice): Meltus! Snoof! Slusho! Keep Luna safe and run! We'll meet up with you later.

Meltus, Snoof and Slusho did just that with Luna on Snoof's back and Meltus on Slusho's. They spotted a forest and ran towards it. They made it to the forest with Snoof and Slusho panting like dogs.

Snoof: Phew! We made it.
Slusho: That was tiring.
Meltus: But at least there are no Spank-Happy Vampires to worry about.

All of a sudden, Luna was grabbed by a pair of arms that dragged her to the treetops. Snoof turned around and noticed that Luna was gone!

Snoof: Luna!?
Slusho: Where has she gone!?

Meanwhile, up in the treetops, Luna was on Spank-Happy Vampire!Leo's lap! He pulled his sister's pants and undergarments down so her backside was bare. He then took of his glove and...

Luna: KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luna let out a loud scream in pain. Loud enough to wake up the other Infernites, Frosticons and Glorp Corp who were also camping. Even Slumbo and Lunk.

Flurr: Did you hear that?
Glomp: That sounds like someone's in danger!
Flain: Come on dudes! We don't have time to waste!

Meanwhile, at the forest. Luna fell from the treetops, only for Snoof to catch her in his arms. Luna's backside is glowing a cherry red.

Snoof: Luna! Are you all right!?
Luna: Yeah. I'm fine. I just...

Luna was suddenly stopped in mid-sentence when she felt herself change. She hunched into a ball and groaned. All Meltus, Snoof and Slusho could do is stand there and stare in horror.

Meltus: What's happening to her!?
Slusho: She can't be turning into a werewolf, the full moon's not even out!

The transformation ended. Luna became a Spank-Happy Vampire Herself!

Meltus, Snoof and Slusho: Luna!?
Spank-Happy Vampire!Luna: *laughs wickedly* For I am Luna Spankulot! And I'm ready to punish some naughty little Mixels that have been staying up so late!
Slusho: We were camping!
Spank-Happy Vampire!Luna: I don't care! I'll still punish you!

Spank-Happy Vampire!Luna honed in on the three terrified Mixels. However, before she could get them...


Within seconds, an icy breath came from behind Spank-Happy Vampire!Luna and froze her instantly. Then, a blue dragon like creature who emitted that icy breath flew into the forest.

Snoof: Flurr!
Flurr: Sorry we couldn't come earlier.

The other Mixels arrived including the Mixels who mixed to battle the BoogeyBots and won.

Flain: We heard about this Spank-Happy Vampire commotion dudes. The instant we heard that scream, we came a-runnin'.
Glomp: We had to carry Slumbo and Lunk because of how slow they are.
Slusho: I'm so glad you guys came. If it weren't for you, we would be Spank-Happy Vampires too!
Meltus: Well, at least we don't have to worry about any more of that nonsense.

Meltus felt his nose tickle. Showing that he was about to sneeze.

Flain, Vulk, Zorch, Flurr, Slumbo, Lunk, Glomp, Glurt, Torts, Burnard, Flamzer, Krog, Chilbo, Snoof, Dribbal, Gurggle and Slusho: MELTUS!!!! NO!!!!

But it was too late. Meltus's fiery sneeze has melted the ice encasing Spank-Happy Vampire!Luna.

Flamzer: You Murp-Monkey! Look what you've done!
Meltus: Uh-Oh.
Spank-Happy Vampire!Luna: At last! Oh, brother!

Spank-Happy Vampire!Luna called for Spank-Happy Vampire!Leo. He then spotted the other Mixels.

Spank-Happy Vampire!Leo: Well, well, well. What have we here? More naughty little Mixels that have been staying up late?
Vulk: I don't like the look of this.
Flain: Run, dudes! Run!

The Mixels ran as fast as they can, though Slumbo, Lunk, Krog and Chilbo had to be carried because of how slow they are. They spotted a cabin and took refuge inside. The Mixels panted as soon as they got in. Slumbo locked the door.

Glurt: *whimpers in fright*
Torts: There, there Glurt. They won't get you.
Vulk: What's a Mixel to do?
Slumbo: We COULD mix, but we don't want to hurt them. We need to find a way to change them back.
Lunk: I found some garlic.
Flain: Lunk, YOU'RE A GENIUS! For such a dim-whitted Mixel.
Lunk: *shrugs*
Zorch: What? We're makin' a potion or somethin'?
Dribbal: Precisely. And according to this recipe for turning people turned into Spank-Happy Vampires back to normal, the garlic is the main ingredient.
Vulk: So, we're gonna need more garlic?
Dribbal: Yes. And a little dose of Glorp Corporal slime. Glomp?
Glomp: Yeah?
Dribbal: Come over here for a second will you?
Glomp: Uhh, Sure.

Dribbal manages to grab some of Glomp's snot. In the kitchen, he sets up a pot and throws in the chopped garlic and Glomp's snot. He mixed the ingredients together.

Krog: Are you sure this will work?
Dribbal: Yes. I did some research and hopefully, this will work. Now we need a volunteer to lure the twins.

The Mixels turned around and stared at Snoof.

Snoof: What?

Snoof was pushed outside with an empty soda can in his hand. He looked at Spank-Happy Vampire!Leo and Spank-Happy Vampire!Luna nervously. He gulped, closed his eye, crushed the can and dropped it to the ground. The twins turned around and looked what Snoof did

Spank-Happy Vampire!Leo: Littering? That is beyond naughty!
Spank-Happy Vampire!Luna: Shall we give him the works, dearest brother?
Spank-Happy Vampire!Leo: *chuckles* Very well.

The Spank-Happy Vampire twins flew to Snoof with Snoof gasping in shock.

Dribbal: *appears from bush* NOW!

The other Mixels appeared from the bushes and sprayed the Spank-Happy Vampire twins with the garlic and Glomp's snot substance which had became a gas. Within seconds, The Twins have became their normal selves again. Both of them fell on the ground.

Leo: *rubbing his head* Uugh. What happened?
Flamzer: You two were turned into Spank-Happy Vampires and wanted to punish us for "staying up late".
Luna: Punish you?
Krog: Yeah.
Leo: I knew Boogey Boy was behind this somehow!
Luna and the Mixels: Boogey Boy?
Leo: You know, that evil Teensie who turned me into one of these Spank-Happy Vampires.
Slumbo: He DID THIS to you?
Meltus: Now THAT'S just plain evil.
Gurggle: Well, at least you two are back to normal. That's all that matters.
Flain: Say, since we're hungry after this madness, why don't we get some food? I know a restaurant.

The twins and the Mixels grew very excited, especially Leo and Torts, so they followed Flain. Meanwhile, a flying camera was spying on them. The footage appeared on screen at Boogey Boy's base.

Boogey Boy: So, those pesky twins are back in their current selves. Hmm... I need to think of a more fiendish plan in store for those fools...
Unknown female voice (Offscreen): I suppose you need my assistance...
Boogey Boy: Yes, my queen.

To be continued...



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