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About Deviant Artist Jamie O'Donnell20/Male/United Kingdom Groups :iconantinelsonmuntz: AntiNelsonMuntz
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Lincoln Shakespeare :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 10 5 Loud Sisters Kidnapped :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 38 18 Loud Sisters in Pleasure Island :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 11 22
Mature content
What if Lincoln snapped? :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 10 13
Lincoln vore :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 15 107 Lisa's Nightmare :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 10 10 Lincoln and Lincolnified Loud Sisters :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 28 18
Loud House - Scaring is Caring
(The Loud Sisters are tiptoeing in the upstairs corridor to Lincoln's room)
Lori: I wonder what Lincoln could be doing in his room.
Lana: I bet he's writing something for his girlfriend!
Lucy: Could be a poem. *squees*
(Her other sisters give her weird looks)
Lucy: What?
(The Sisters quietly walk closer to Lincoln's room.)
Lincoln (offscreen): I'll finish them off tomorrow. Shame Mom and Dad won't be able to help.
(The Loud Sisters are shocked by what Lincoln had said. Next scene cuts to Lori and Leni's room.)
Lori: What have we done?
Luna: We've sent our bro one step closer to the edge!
Lola: And now he wants to kill us!
Luan: I know that Lincoln is annoyed by what we do, but he would never go that far!
Lisa: *scratched her chin* I wonder what he meant by our parental units being unable to help.
(Lisa opens the door and sees Lincoln walking out of his bedroom. Lisa walks there quickly and quietly. Then, to her shock, notices what looks like the heads of Rita and Lynn Sr. Lis
:iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 7 0
Biting Pear of Salamanca :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 5 2 Spank-Happy Loud Sisters :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 43 44
Loud House - Hypnotic Antics
(Lincoln is laying on the couch looking bored.)
Lincoln: (groans) Man, I'm bored.
(Lisa walks downstairs)
Lisa: If that's the case, why don't you play your video games?
Lincoln: Beaten all of them so far. 100%. Still waiting for the next ones.
Lisa: Reading your comics?
Lincoln: Read all of them to this point. Still waiting for the next one.
Lisa: What about playing with your yo-yo?
(Lincoln, with a shocked impression, imagines Lori and Clyde in a wedding hall with wedding bells and wedding music played by a church organ, with Lori wearing a wedding gown and Clyde wearing a tuxedo. The two were about to kiss, until Lincoln pops the thought bubble with his index finger.)
Lincoln: Out of the question. (Smiles cheesily)
Lisa: Well, you gotta think of something.
(Lisa then walks back upstairs.)
Lincoln: (sighs) Best I could do is watch some TV.
(Lincoln picks up the remote and turns on the TV, then a commercial plays, catching Lincoln's interest.)
TV Announcer: Are
:iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 15 12
Patchy hates Pain in the Ed :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 7 16
Yu-Gi-Oh!5Ds - One HAAAWWful evening.
It was night-time at New Domino City. Luna is walking home after a day at her friend's. She then stopped at a zebra crossing. She was waiting for the light to turn green. Unbeknownst to her, a duel monster appeared behind her. It looked like a cute looking witch.
Noticing Luna at the zebra crossing, this gave her an opportunity. She raised her wand and zapped Luna on the back of her neck. Luna felt the little harmless spark on the back of her neck and turned around, only to fine no one. She then noticed the light has turned green and walked to the other side of the road.
When she made it to her penthouse however, she was feeling groggy. Her brother, Leo was browsing his deck when he noticed Luna feeling weird. "Is something the matter Luna?" he asked concerningly. "I feel unwell, Leo. I wasn't like this when I left my friend's." Luna groggily replied. Leo got up from the sofa and walked up to her, crossing his arms. "Well Luna, I think you need to get some re-" Leo tried to continue, b
:iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 3 0
Seriously, people? :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 31 23 One of the Boys stamp. :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 7 15
The Loud House - Send in the Lincs
Today is a normal day in the Loud House. Lincoln however was pretty lonely. His friend Clyde has gone away on vacation with his two dads for a week. Lisa checked in on Lincoln by peeking through his door. This gave Lisa an idea. What if Lincoln has a clone of himself to play with? She then went to her room and looked at her cloning machine which looks like a steel chamber. She grabbed some of Lincoln's DNA samples she already collected as "just in cases" (a strand of hair, a drop of saliva, mucus, earwax, blood, a fingernail and a toenail) and placed them in a compartment in the machine. She closed the compartment and pressed the button hoping to make Lincoln a new friend, however, the machine crackled with electricity, causing her to back away and engulfed the house in some sort of electrical dome. A few seconds later, the dome diminished leaving the machine broken and beyond repair.
Apparently afterwards, all the Loud Siblings (sans Lincoln) began to change at the
:iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 11 6
Spriting is what I do. Sometimes.

Random Favourites

Sharkie's goo (Shark TF TG) :iconavianine:Avianine 71 25 TG request for Jamie260397 :iconsparkbolt3020:SparkBolt3020 8 8
Scythe of Courage: Ragna TF/TG (Request)
Requested by rosestarzeo (
"My delivery is here!" Rachel said, running to the door.
Rachel was your average woman, but she wasn't the most confident you would find. She was pretty shy, and needed something she thought would boost her self-esteem. When she found a replica of the sword of her favorite video game character, she thought it would help. After all, the sword was badass, and it would probably make her feel stronger! Like she shouldn't hold back!
She opened the door to see Adam, her favorite delivery man.
"Hey Adam!" she greeted.
"Hey Rachel," Adam replied, "your friendly neighborhood delivery man's here with your package."
Rachel picked up the big box, ready to open it up and take it out already.
"So what did you order?" Adam asked.
"It's a replica of the Blood-Scythe from BlazBlue," Rachel said excitedly, "Someone with a lot of free time was making tons of BlazBlue weapon replicas!"
"Uh, Rachel?" Adam questioned, "I'm a big fan of the series
:iconcrazynaut:CrazyNaut 10 7
Please use another train... :iconplushdragon:plushdragon 32 21 B and B Swap :icongodendag:Godendag 99 6 Cousins (second part) :iconpkangel:PKAngel 37 6 Cousins :iconpkangel:PKAngel 23 2
Mature content
Ah! Chiyo-kun! :iconkikamorph:KiKaMorph 16 3
Mature content
Tom's World :icononatart:ONATaRT 100 1
Mature content
A Peach By Any Other Name (Mario Bros. Tg) :iconstalwartwander:StalwartWander 67 8
Mature content
No Relation :iconkikamorph:KiKaMorph 8 6
Mature content
From 17 to 37 TF TG AP WG MB :iconjaythebrainmann:JayTheBrainMann 21 0
Good Girl Chiyo-Part 4 :iconhypnolordx:HypnolordX 32 6 Good Girl Chiyo-Part 3 :iconhypnolordx:HypnolordX 30 1 Good Girl Chiyo-Part 2 :iconhypnolordx:HypnolordX 24 0 Good Girl Chiyo-Part 1 :iconhypnolordx:HypnolordX 23 7


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Some deviant named :iconjalarryic2kcollier: is trying to make me remove my artwork.



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Jamie O'Donnell
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I like spriting.

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