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Loud House - Swap 'til you Drop
(Rita and Lincoln are in the kitchen. The former pouring what looks like orange juice in 2 glasses. She gives one of the glasses to the latter.)
Lincoln: Thanks Mom.
Rita: You're welcome honey.
(Both of them drink the orange juice.)
Lincoln: Being an adult must be tough huh?
Rita: You know Lincoln, someday you'll just have to see life in my shoes.
Lincoln: Ditto. I mean, there's no rush.
(Lincoln and Rita then felt a sudden shock as they went still, causing them to drop their glasses having them break. Lincoln glowed an orange aura and Rita glowed a deep pink aura. Their auras travelled into the opposite bodies. They then rub their heads.)
Rita?: What happened?
Lincoln?: Dunno, but I feel kinda weird. What was in that juice?
(Both Lincoln and Rita then come to a realization, then they feel their bodies.)
Rita?: Weird, my hips weren't THIS big.
Lincoln?: My hair wasn't THIS short.
(Both Lincoln and Rita looked at each other and gasped in shock. Both of them dash
:iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 8 5
Lincoln Shakespeare by Jamie260397 Lincoln Shakespeare :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 13 9 Loud Sisters Kidnapped by Jamie260397 Loud Sisters Kidnapped :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 46 25 Loud Sisters in Pleasure Island by Jamie260397 Loud Sisters in Pleasure Island :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 12 22 What if Lincoln snapped? by Jamie260397
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What if Lincoln snapped? :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 12 19
Lincoln vore by Jamie260397 Lincoln vore :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 18 141 Lisa's Nightmare by Jamie260397 Lisa's Nightmare :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 13 41 Lincoln and Lincolnified Loud Sisters by Jamie260397 Lincoln and Lincolnified Loud Sisters :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 37 20
Loud House - Scaring is Caring
(The Loud Sisters are tiptoeing in the upstairs corridor to Lincoln's room)
Lori: I wonder what Lincoln could be doing in his room.
Lana: I bet he's writing something for his girlfriend!
Lucy: Could be a poem. *squees*
(Her other sisters give her weird looks)
Lucy: What?
(The Sisters quietly walk closer to Lincoln's room.)
Lincoln (offscreen): I'll finish them off tomorrow. Shame Mom and Dad won't be able to help.
(The Loud Sisters are shocked by what Lincoln had said. Next scene cuts to Lori and Leni's room.)
Lori: What have we done?
Luna: We've sent our bro one step closer to the edge!
Lola: And now he wants to kill us!
Luan: I know that Lincoln is annoyed by what we do, but he would never go that far!
Lisa: *scratched her chin* I wonder what he meant by our parental units being unable to help.
(Lisa opens the door and sees Lincoln walking out of his bedroom. Lisa walks there quickly and quietly. Then, to her shock, notices what looks like the heads of Rita and Lynn Sr. Lis
:iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 12 4
Biting Pear of Salamanca by Jamie260397 Biting Pear of Salamanca :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 5 2 Spank-Happy Loud Sisters by Jamie260397 Spank-Happy Loud Sisters :iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 47 44
Loud House - Hypnotic Antics
(Lincoln is laying on the couch looking bored.)
Lincoln: (groans) Man, I'm bored.
(Lisa walks downstairs)
Lisa: If that's the case, why don't you play your video games?
Lincoln: Beaten all of them so far. 100%. Still waiting for the next ones.
Lisa: Reading your comics?
Lincoln: Read all of them to this point. Still waiting for the next one.
Lisa: What about playing with your yo-yo?
(Lincoln, with a shocked impression, imagines Lori and Clyde in a wedding hall with wedding bells and wedding music played by a church organ, with Lori wearing a wedding gown and Clyde wearing a tuxedo. The two were about to kiss, until Lincoln pops the thought bubble with his index finger.)
Lincoln: Out of the question. (Smiles cheesily)
Lisa: Well, you gotta think of something.
(Lisa then walks back upstairs.)
Lincoln: (sighs) Best I could do is watch some TV.
(Lincoln picks up the remote and turns on the TV, then a commercial plays, catching Lincoln's interest.)
TV Announcer: Are
:iconjamie260397:Jamie260397 22 12
Spriting is what I do. Sometimes.

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Journal History

Oh boy...

As much as I love The Loud House, it too sadly isn't safe from a disease known as bad-fanbase-itis.

For starters, some fanfics either have 1. Lincoln being treated as a godly child and his sisters given the "Ron the Death Eater" treatment or 2. the Mean sisters vs Nice sisters debate. Whenever I write my fanfics, I ALWAYS avoid these clichés. Seriously, those clichés need to end.

Next, they always whine and moan on how the Loud Family is "abusive" because of certain episodes. I'm just going to say this: Just because they're a FLAWED family doesn't mean they're a BAD family. Also, couldn't we appreciate the fact that the events in No Such Luck didn't last for the whole show?

Then there's FirstDrellSpecter. Drell, Drell, Drell. One of the biggest epitomes of how bad the Loud House fandom is. He ALWAYS takes the show seriously (even going so far as to hate on ALL of Lincoln's family just because of that ONE episode as well as that ONE video he made) and is ALWAYS obsessive over Lincoln like MOST of the fanbase. Not to mention, he's ALWAYS into "edgy" (hate that term) and "hardcore" stuff like The Witcher and Mass Effect. Seriously Drell, PLAY SOME KIRBY FOR A CHANGE. Playing some Rated E games won't hurt.

Let's not forget their reaction to when SpongeBob won KCA. They acted like utter CRYBABIES even going so far as to call the KCA "rigged" and even compare SpongeBob to DONALD TRUMP of all people. Ever heard of the phrase "what you see is what you get"? Also, be glad TTG didn't win.

Another thing that bugs me is how they tend to ignore endings to Cereal Offender, It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House and A Tattlers Tale. Remember people, if you review episodes, ALWAYS check EVERY nook and cranny there is before jumping into conclusions.

Also, I don't like it when fanfics have either Lincoln or any member(s) of his family dying or dead. Besides, they HAVE to be alive in time for the remaining episodes (including the upcoming Season 3) AND the movie. If they're dead, what's the point?

Also, I don't like how some fanfics rely too much on darkness and heart-warming-ness, taking away the slice-of-life slapstick the show is known for. Again, when I write my fanfics, I ALWAYS avoid these clichés. I can fully understand that Season 3 will go into more serious topics, but the podcast stated that the humour will be kept as a balance without making thing TOO dark or heart-warming.

Also, I don't like it when the fanbase ALWAYS tend to scapegoat writers, notably Kevin Sullivan and Karla Sakas Shropshire. THIS has also got to stop. Look, as much as I hated certain episodes, did I want the writers of those episodes fired? No. Because I still have faith in them as they wrote some good episodes  (Kevin: Frog Wild, Attention Deficit and 11 Louds a Leapin'. Karla: Ties that Bind, Funny Business and Pulp Friction. Bob: Lock N' Loud) and even with the bad episodes they made, I still kept my faith in them.
(Now that I think about it, 2017 is a sorry year for some of the show's writers. Bob Mittenthal wrote Lock N' Loud as an apology for the Loudest Yard, Kevin wrote Frog Wild as an apology for Brawl in the Family and Karla wrote Pulp Friction as an apology for No Such Luck.)

Oh, and they always forget that the number of episodes where the sisters where NICE to him outnumber the episodes where they were mean to him.
Number of episodes where the Sisters were nice to Lincoln: 26
Number of episodes where the Sisters were mean to Lincoln: 4

Going off topic, the reason why I didn't cover Loudcest is that... I'm neutral towards it. It's a show where a boy lives with a lot of females. Loudcest is BOUND to happen. I also don't like how most people state that Space Invader stared the Loudcest craze, when the craze existed BEFORE that episode did.

So in short, (the majority of) the Loud Crowd, are just immature dum-dums.

Like I said, I love the show and all, but I can't stand the fandom at times.



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